Monday, June 1, 2009


I just realized that the word BLOG is extremely funny.

I mean, it reminds me of so many different things, the first being the word "log". and that could be interpreted either as a log in the woods, or another word for shit.
BLOG also sounds like the word "blob", which reminds me of the monster movie of the same name, as well as that Goosebumps book, "The Blob That Ate Everyone." There should be a follow-up called "The BLOG That Ate Everyone", but I think R.L. Stine quit writing. which is just as well, because his stuff was so juvenile and repetitive that it made the writing in "Coyote Ugly" seem clever.
So, whenever somebody says "I'm blogging", I picture one of two things: either a person sitting on the toilet, dropping logs while they type away on a laptop...or I picture a person turning into a revolting pile of jelly, swallowing everything in site and losing any capability of speaking, save for the word BLOG, which would make them some kind of Pokemon, I guess.
Another, more grotesuqe meaning for the word BLOG could be the term used to describe when two incredibly obese people have sex with one another. For example:

TOM: Hey, where are Dirk and Janice? You know, that really fat couple?
BILL: Oh, them? They're in the other room. They're blogging.
TOM: Eeeeeww...

And earlier:

DIRK: (to Janice) i want you to blog my brains out.

I think it works perfectly, even if it does put an unpleasant picture in your mind.


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