Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Canada Day, America!

So yesterday was the first of July, making it Canada Day. I find it strange that Canada Day is only three days before the 4th of July, which is the day that America chooses to celebrate Canada Day (those Americans, always trying to be different!).
I have no idea how old Canada is turning this year, but judging by the state of the polar ice caps and the age of some rock formations I saw in northern Alberta, I'm gonna say...twenty-six million, give or take.
For those of you not familiar with our home and native land, here are a few fuin facts about Canada Day. You can use these facts to impress your friends and co-workers!

-pilgrims chose to name the country Canada because their first choice, Grenada, was already taken.
-Canada is nicknamed "the Great White North", and it received that nickname because it is always snowing, in every single part of the country. Forever.
- some of the things invented by Canadians: hockey, basketball, ice cream, beavers, long underwear, lumberjacks, modesty
-the capital city of Canada is called Toronto, and it has the world's biggest radio tower in it.
-the Emperor of Canada is a man named Tim Horton.
-our national colour is plaid.

There you have it, true believers! Hopefully, you won't forget about Canada Day like I did, and next year you can celebrate it with fireworks and alcohol, just like the Ojibwa tribes used to do it!
Now I leave you with the parting words coined by the Canadians in 1987: "Smell ya later!"


"Canada is, like, the Texas of America."
-Robin Joseph Williams, clearly confused

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