Sunday, June 22, 2008

365 Days Till Zero

If I "blog" something every day for the next full year, would that make me an interesting person who has just accomplished a feat that requires unwavering dedication? Or does that make me a dork with too much time on my hands, like one of those kids who does science experiments with household items, usually the same kids who wind up spending their prom nights watching "Law & Order" with their parents?
The real question is: would I actually have anything even REMOTELY interesting to write about for 365 days straight? That means 365 short stories, 365 tales of enchantment or woe that need to keep any readers (HA! As if!) enraptured long enough so that they don't just exit this blog page to begin the less arduous task of downloading "real" nude pictures of Jennifer Love-Hewitt, or ditch the blog entirely in favor of that fat kid on YouTube swinging a curtain rod like a lightsaber for far too many minutes.
Perhaps this is an incentive for me to start living a more interesting life. In order to please the masses (again, HA!) reading this, I'll have to get out there and do some extraordinary stuff, so that I will in turn have extraordinary stuff to write about. Or I can just blabber on like I'm doing right now, only for a full year, and see how long it takes for people to catch on.
I can't think of a good way to wrap this up (which is scary, because usually I'm decent at that), so I'll just say sayonara, and hopefully tomorrow I'll actually be able to say something a bit more interesting.
Hey, why shouldn't you believe what a sandwich says? Because usually, they're full of baloney.
There, at least I made you smile.

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robinjwilliams said...

QUESTION: How did you, A.F., the Earth's biggest techno-fool, learn to create a blog?!


(ps, awesome blog)