Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Cottage: Round 3

Been an interesting week. This is Round 3 for me at the Schilling cottage, and Lake Huron still has strong waves and lots of rocks in the sand. Only this time, there's thunderstorms too.

However, the week did not start there. It started with an interesting birthday fiesta, which was followed by a night that was 174% MORE interesting.
Considering this was a leap year, that's a LOTTA days.
Things have not felt this surreal since Miss Sarah from Nebraska came two clicks short of molesting me in a deserted lobby after hours.
Sorry. Too much info.

Whoever is reading this...can I have a couple grand?

"His penis, which moments before had been a livid exclamation point rising from the tufted tangle of his pubic hair, was collapsing into a weak white question mark."
-Stephen King

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