Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dr. Fantasia's Read-Along Blog

On the seventeenth day in the month of July
I find myself wondering, wondering why
Channing Tatum is GI JOE's leading actor
When that guy really can't get any blacker

And now I'm thinking of Batman: The Dark Knight
And I am wondering, wondering, "Yeah, right,
If poor young Heath Ledger today was alive,
Would the movie have still gotten 5 out of 5?"

But off the topic of Hollywood for now,
I find myself wondering, wondering how
The Barenaked Ladies ruined their whole career
By snorting cocaine off a prostitute's rear.

Now getting back to Hollywood again,
I find myself wondering, wondering when
The actors will find a deal to their liking,
so they'll stop complaining and stop fucking striking.

So on this, the seventeenth day of July,
I find myself wondering, wondering why
This heat won't let up, cause I'm starting to fry.
Another few hours and I'll surely die!

Now it's time for bed, I'm starting to feel drousy.
I promise my next entry won't be so lousy.
If you're a hot chick then, please, give me a shout!
Until next time, sweethearts, it's over & out.


"Singing is the lowest form of communication."
-Homer Simpson

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