Monday, July 21, 2008

Tales From The Cryptologist

You know what I really hate?
Secret codes.
People thin that they're being all cool and mysterous by using them, but they're NOT.
Even when writers put secret codes into movies, they try to come up with new and clever ways to show secrets & codes, each more cever than the last, of course. That's what they think, anyway. But they're dumb.
Take a look at the Ocean's 11 movies, for example. That movie has a bunch of guys acting ike secret agents, using lame codes and REALLY cheesy lines just because the writers think it sounds cool. It doesn'. They just come across as trying way too hard. For the record, did you ever notice tat nobody in the Ocean's 11 movies answers a question with an answer? They just answer it with another smart-assd question.
But anyway, ack to codes. Personally, I just think that, as a writing device, they're just way too overused. And in REAL life...well, in real life, spies and soldiers use them to safely relay sensitive messages to other counries and cities without being discovered. It's actually a great way to keep things hidden from your eneies...
Actually, now that I think about it, codes can be really cool in real life. If you can successfully pull one off and deliver informtion to someone without a third party understanding whatever it is you're talking about, you deserve a pat on the back. That's a hard thing to do! Especially these days, when people have so much code-cracking technology at their disposal. Like that Australian chick from Trasformers. She seemed to be able to crack that alien code pretty quickly for someone who barely looked 21.
Well, you know what, I guess I've changed my mind! As long as they're not used in movies, TV shows, or books, codes can be really cool! I love them now! In fact, I may just decide to post a blog entry with a shiny little code in it myself. Maybe write things backwards, or leave out key letters, or put a secret picture into the word formations. Codes open up a whole world of possibilities, don't they?
Well, until next time..."Repsorp Dna Gnol Evil".

"That's how it was with my father. Every answer leads to more questions."
-Mohinder Suresh

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