Monday, July 7, 2008

The Teacup of Doom

I'm uber-proud of myself today. I fought off a computer virus earlier. It was posing as a Norton's Anti-Virus Download, but I quickly realized that real Windows downloads don't have spelling errors.
Anywhoo, I made myself a delicious and nutritious cup of tea with honey tonight as I was studying a monologue for class tomorrow. I have reason to believe that I somehow drugged myself, because soon after finishing the tea I began feeling sleepy, dizzy and extremely hot. My guess is that I slipped something into the tea when I wasn't looking, and then served it to myself without me being the wiser. Of course, I didn't see it coming (by it, I mean me) and I got the better of myself easily, which makes me proud of myself but doesn't say very much for me.

I swear, that all made sense in my head before I wrote it down.

For a movie so short, Kung-Fu Panda has way too many big-name actors in it, especially since some of them have extremely small parts, and Jackie Chan (the only actual kung-fu guy in the cast) had literally three lines. Still, it was very fun watching animals beat the living shit out of each other. Can I say shit on this blog? I hope so.
Everybody be good until I get back. Don't forget to drink your Ovaltine.

I poisoned it :)

"No more runnin'...I aim to misbehave."
-Malcolm Reynolds

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