Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Man Who Killed Everyone

This blog post is dedicated in "loving" memory to Martin Keamy, the man who killed everyone.

Did you know that Martin Keamy killed EVERYONE? For a guy who was only around for 8 episodes, he started some serious shit on the Island!
He killed Dr. Ray, Captain Gault, several Oceanic 815 redshirts, Karl, Alex and Danielle Rousseau. When he died, the bomb he was hooked into that connected with the freighter also killed Michael, possibly Jin, and countless others. It took the combined efforts of three badass characters to take him down (Sayid, Ben & Alpert).
Here's some fun facts about Martin Keamy:
-he died on December 30th, 2004
-his middle name is Christopher
-he was both large AND in charge
he first appeared in the episode "The Constant", and died in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3".
-his first name, Martin, comes from the Latin term 'martinus', which means 'Servant of Mars'. Mars was the god of war, and Keamy is a trigger-happy marine.
-in ancient Mayan astrology, there is a sign called KIMI, pronounced in the same way as Martin's last name. In Mayan, KIMI means 'death'.

Isn't Keamy great, folks? Here's hoping that in Season 5 we'll get to learn more about him, and maybe find out what the hell is problem was.
Next time, on Strawberry Toaster Oven...a tribute to Keamy's buddy, Omar!

"Tell your daddy goodbye."
-Martin Keamy

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