Saturday, July 26, 2008

Look Who's Blogging, Too

That's slang for 'welcome', and a welcome is what I am extending to all of the new members of Strawberry Toaster Oven. You know who you are, you maverick renegades, you.
So, I am going to make you all some delightful little promises, and I will actually keep some of them, too! I promise to post on a more regular basis, keeping the gaps between posts fewer and farther between. I promise to make my posts interesting and wonderful, so that you'll actually want to read them. Above all, I promise to keep you happy, to bring a smile to your faces and a twinkle to your eyes.
So all of you can look forward to a wonderful experience. Because, frankly, everyone has a shitty day every now and then. And on that shitty day, you can sleep soundly knowing that you can just log onto STO, and it'll light up your day, even for just a little. I am the host; you are my guests of honor. So, to quote the gypsy, "Let me entertain you."
I'll depart on a little riddle, top keep your minds thinking sharp:
If you break me, I'll still keep working. However, if you can touch me, then my job is done. What am I?

See you soon, everyone. And I promise, next time I'll remember the name of my own blog.

"High school boyfriends are just an obstacle."
-Lex Luthor